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Stafford Academy for Technology STEM News and Information

Stafford Academy for Technology (STAT)

Important Notice Regarding STEM Summer Camps

Unfortunately, due to low enrollment, the STEM Camps previously advertised for this summer, have been canceled.  If you have already registered, refunds are being processed.

Interest, Career Detail and STEM Development

STEM camp may help students develop interest in STEM educational courses and paths, and STEM careers. Parents are encouraged to use the links provided to discuss STEM career information with their child. Experts on STEM career development have discovered that, while increasing interest is important, awareness of career detail is essential for students to develop realistic, robust STEM career plans.

STAT Application Process - Closed for Current 8th Graders

STAT applications for current 8th graders were due April 3. All students who turned in an application page were given the opportunity to write their statement of interest at their own middle school. The counselors have followed up to ensure each student's packet is completed. Decisions will be provided in May.

Thank you to STEM employees in the Stafford area who shared their time with students in the STAT program!

On Tuesday, November 12 and Thursday, November 14, Engineering Design and Development students in the Stafford Academy for Technology program at Stafford High School presented proposals for their year-long senior project. This project will culminate in the design and creation of a prototype invention or innovation. To assist the students in clarifying their ideas and understanding the market for new products and processes, STEM business people served as a panel that observed their presentations, posed questions and offered suggestions. Participants were from these businesses:

Advanced Rapid Technologies
HDT Robotics
Marine Corps Warfighting Lab
Marine Corps Systems Command

Interested in STEM Careers?
Visit the new 16 Career Clusters web page for guidance about choosing high school courses

*Take an assessment and view information and links for the corresponding clusters -Biomedical (Health) Sciences, Engineering or Information Technology - at the Stafford County Public Schools 16 Career Clusters Web Page.

The 16 Career Clusters system is used by middle and high school counseling departments to assist students in educational planning. This web page provides many connections to online resources that will allow students to explore and weigh their options. Career Clusters can help high school students make elective choices that complement their academic requirements while giving them experiences that build toward college and career success. There is also a link for a career assessment based on the 16 Career Clusters. Click here.

Would you like to learn about STEM educational events, activities, programs, contests, scholarships and resources for middle and high school students? Join an e-mail list with Stafford County Public Schools Career Specialist, Ann Emerson. Send an e-mail to aemerson at staffordschools.net Include your child's expected year of high school graduation.To protect privacy, all e-mail is sent BC, and addresses are never shared with anyone else. You can unsubscribe at any time.

In the News! Stafford Academy for Technology students in the IT program at Brooke Point High School collaborated with the Video and Media Technology interns from Brooke Point. The product was a video for the Virginia Department of Education to encourage the use of Career Clusters by students to organize their educational and career planning. Click here for the Information Technology page at the Virginia Department of Education web site, where you can view the video produced by intern Shawn Austin.

Stafford Academy for Technology (STAT) is a state-approved Governor’s STEM Academy.  STAT is a four-year college-prep program of study utilizing integrated hands-on, project-based instruction focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career areas. (STEM includes medical fields). The STAT instructional team includes teachers from sciences,  technology, English, and mathematics.  STAT is open to rising ninth graders on an application basis. The program is half-day. Bus transportation from the base school to the program school is provided.

STAT offers students the advantage of learning in a "cohort" of like-minded students throughout the four-year program. Course content is integrated to create a more coherent learning experience.  Students will undertake service-learning projects and partner with mentors in the business community to build a stronger sense of purpose and a firmer commitment to success in college education, while learning about the demands of the workplace. Students will undertake a senior research project.

While STAT serves as an excellent preparation for students who look to careers in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics field, it will also help any student develop a powerful foundation for further learning and high-skill employment.  The STAT model is designed to go beyond the ordinary high school experience, and cultivate skills essential in the 21st century workplace:

· think creatively and implement innovation
· use systems thinking and solve problems
· communicate clearly and collaborate
· locate, evaluate and manage information
· adapt to change
· work independently
· gain expertise through self-directed learning
· value diversity
· show accountability
· lead and respect others
STAT is designed to help students fulfill their potential in the complex life and work environments of the future.

 Links and Resources
Stafford Academy for Technology

STAT Application

STAT Overview brochure

STAT Curriculum

STAT Expectations

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum for STAT Biomedical Sciences and STAT Engineering

Career Interest Assessment

Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) 

Engineering Careers

Health and Medical Careers

"I Am A Scientist."

Dot Diva

Other STEM Resources

College Prep Checklist



 STEM News and Information

STEM programs at Germanna Community College

Germanna Community College has a new Science & Engineering Building and Information Commons on the highly accessible Fredericksburg Area Campus (Massaponax area). Germanna offers a variety of STEM-related opportunities, including Guaranteed Admissions Agreements with VT, UVA, and ODU Engineering programs. There are many ways for students to advance toward their STEM future by starting at Germanna. Speak with an admissions counselor at Germanna and and see the state-of-the-art, “green” (LEED Silver-rated) facility!


STEM is more than just gadgets! STEM professionals use science, mathematics and technology to make the world a better place. Innovations in harnessing power from the sun and the wind can bring the benefits of electrification to rural and underdeveloped areas where traditional technologies have been unsuccessful. Already, cell phones are a powerful tool for personal banking in underdeveloped countries, helping people's businesses and lives become more financially stable. Finding better ways to purify water protects peoples lives - they suffer fewer bacterial and parasitic infections and live longer, healthier (and no doubt, happier) lives. Technology helps those with disabilities learn and contribute in society. Information technology allows us to use applications like Twitter and Skype to stay in touch with all our friends and acquaintances, no matter how numerous or distant! In addition to these types of opportunities, STEM careers offer creativity, variety, and secure, above-average income.

Would you like to be part of a team that makes tomorrow a better place? Then think about becoming a STEM professional. This is work that repays your heart as well as your mind!

To investigate careers in STEM, including health and medical careers and information technology, visit Virginia CareerView (www.vaview.org ) or Virginia Wizard (www.vawizard.org, account is free). Both of these sites allow students to take assessments and connect their interests with clusters or groups of suggested careers. They should spend time reading and learning about the activities, education, etc, associated with careers of interest.

General information about career development (assessments, resources, web sites) is available at the School-to-Career page.  Please click here for the School-to-Career Program page.

For additional program information contact Ann Emerson at aemerson @ staffordschools.net

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